Tuesday, August 17, 2004

How to kill the dj [part Two] by Optimo

At long, long last, we are delighted to announce that our first official mix cd is finally here (well, almost - it is scheduled for early June release but you can get a sneak preview of it's contents here).
In association with our friends and allies, Kill The DJ and Tigersushi in Paris, this project has taken over a year to realise (but, we think it has been worth the wait!).
It is a double cd - cd1 is a 75 minute mix that tries to sum up what a night at Optimo is like, while cd2 is an unmixed collection of music that we play at the start of the night and a few songs that have become Optimo classics that we wanted to present in their complete form.

*Sortie prévue pour début septembre*

The tracklistings are as follows -
1/ intro / Funkadelic - Wars of armageddon

2/ Laibach - Decree beat
3/ John Carpenter - The end
4/ hiltmeyer inc. - narkotik!
5/ hashim - rocking the planet (beat)
6/ miroslav vitous - new york city
7/ soft cell - sex dwarf
8/ carl craig - demented drums
9/ luciano and quenem - orange mistake
10/ basic channel - phylyps track 2
11/ crash course in science - flying turns
12/ revolting cocks - on fire
13/ depeche mode - dead of the night (electronicat remix)
14/ Quarks - I walk (superpitcher schaffel mix)
15/ Liaisons dangereuses - Los ninos del parque
16/ The cramps - New kind of kick
17/ Harco pront - Night
18/ CLS - Can u feel it
19/ Gang of four - Damaged goods
20/ Langley schools music project - Good vibrations
21/ The junkyard band - The word
22/ The stranglers - Nice n' sleazy

23/ Pablo - cissy strut / os mutantes - A minha menina
24/ Banbarra - Shack up
25/ joubert singers - Stand on the word (Larry Levan remix)
26/ 20th century steel band - Heaven and hell
27/ the rapture - Out of the races
28/ Cameo - Money (reese revamp) / Crackhaus - Blow brotha blow
29/ PJ Pooterhoots - Barf
30/ Black devil disco club - Timing, forget the timing / Akufen - Whorehouse new process

31/ Loose joints - Is it all over my face?
32/ Grauzone - Eisbar
33/ Chromeo - Destination overdrive (dfa dub) / Medium medium - Hungry so angry
34/ Modettes - White mice
35/ Akufen - Quebec nightclub / Monte Cazazza - Sex is no emergency
36/ Nurse with wound - Two shaves and a shine
37/ Blondie - Atomic
38/ Ricardo Villalobos - Easy lee / Art of noise - Moments in love
39/ Ricardo Villalobos - Dexter / Suicide - Dream baby dream
40/ Ricardo Villalobos - Dexter / Truffle club - Autoconform
41/ Optimo (espacio) end of the night choir - One more tune
42/ Love - Everybody's got to live

1/ Angelo Badalamenti - Mullholland drive theme
2/ Arthur Russell - Another thought
3/ The Balanescu quartet - The model
4/ Lee Hazelwood & Nancy Sinatra - Some velvet morning
5/ Nouvelle vague - Guns of brixton
6/ Big ned - Final steps
7/ Sun city girls - Opium den
8/ Andre Williams - Bacon fat
9/ Hasil Adkins - Chicken walk
10/ The Monks - I hate you
11/ Os Mutantes - A minha menina
12/ The Meters - The handclapping song
13/ 20th century steel band - Heaven and hell
14/ The Flirtations - Nothing but a heartache
15/ Bush Tetras - Snakes crawl
16/ Modettes - White mice
17/ The Creepers - Baby's on fire
18/ The only ones - Another girl another planet

[... le mix est surprenant voir décevant. Dommage - M.Y.O² - Make Your Own Opinion]


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