Sunday, December 05, 2004

Jan Autobahn


[...Redoutable!! Plus gras, plus fort. Coeur fragile s'absternir. A venir chez Trapez.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...


i recently posted a comment saying your links don't work. well, they still don't - it isn't me being impatient! this is what happens when i try some of your links:

Could not open the page “…the_world_is_mine_(blackstrobe_remix)-standard.mp3%20” because Safari couldn’t connect to the server “(null)”.


Could not open the page “” because Safari could not load any data for this location.

are all these %20s (%20 = a space) meant to be there?

most of the links that do work seem to be directed to other people's servers. i did manage to download the Jan Autobahn track but it wasn't recognised as an mp3 until i realised that there was a space in error after .mp3 in the file name, which was why.

perhaps you have typing problems with your links / file names?

a shame, you would be my favourite blogger if the downloads worked!

au revoir


1:36 AM  
Blogger Oguste said...

The links are not settled. I only copy/paste the link i found. Sometimes they work but are disturbed during a couple of hour. Thanks to people like you, i can know when it doesn't work. I check. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. That why i told you to try again. For the blackstrobe remix it's the same. 'till you hadn't the message error you could wait. i check today and it seems that the link is really dead. Try the sample. listoplay is subjective selection of unsettled links. Thank you.

4:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Très bonne sélection.

Comme d'hab.


4:35 AM  

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